The Ardennes, the largest wind farm in France!

The Ardennes are at the forefront of the energy mix, combining production of nuclear, hydro-electric and wind energy

The Ardennes are at the forefront of the energy mix, combining production of nuclear, hydro-electric and wind energy. Champagne-Ardenne former region (now part of Grand Est region) is France's leading region in terms of wind energy production. Located in the communities of communes of the Pays Rethélois and Argonne Ardennaise, in the south of the Ardennes, the “Mont des Quatre Faux” wind park project could become the largest land-based park of its kind in France. It is set to include 71 wind turbines of up to 200 m high.

Production is forecast to exceed 700 000 megawatt-hours per year, equivalent to the annual electrical consumption of more than 280 000 people, including for heating purposes. The Ardennes residents will thus be capable of producing the equivalent of their annual domestic electricity requirements with just this wind park alone.

This project will contribute to the achievement of more than one quarter of the departmental objectives under energy transition law, with a view to promoting green growth, which aims to break the threshold of 32% renewable energy as a percentage of the total electrical consumption by 2030.

The “Mont des Quatre Faux” wind park will thus reinforce the position of the Ardennes in France in terms of the development of renewable energy and energy in a broader sense.

Economic benefits should be significant for the territory:

  • Tax implications for the communities: communes, communities of communes, department and region
  • Additional revenue for involved business owners and operators, and the option for citizens to sign up for participatory financing projects to support the park
  • Creation of a wind park maintenance centre within the territory: dozens of jobs created, with recruitment taking place on a partially local basis thanks to the training programme at the Bazin Secondary School in Charleville-Mézières, which is BZEE accredited (and is the only one of its kind in the greater north-eastern quarter of France)
  • Up to 100 million euros of additional business for the construction of the park, open primarily to local civil engineering and electrical businesses. On this basis, the CCI Champagne-Ardenne and the CCI des Ardennes (Chambers of Commerce), in collaboration with the project initiators, are organising and will organise meetings with a view to enabling local entrepreneurs to participate in the project, with the best possible chance of success
  • Business generated during the 24-month construction period: one-off subcontracting, accommodation, travel, consumption…

Following a long study and project development phase, punctuated by a unique consultation process executed with the support of the residents and players within the territory, the single authorisation application dossier was submitted in December 2015. It is currently being investigated by the government agencies, alongside the ongoing consultation.

The beginning of the construction is for 2018 with a view to the park going operational in 2019.

The project is being managed by the “Mont des Quatre Faux” Wind Park project company, owned by EDF Energies Nouvelles in partnership with WindVision company.

By Ardennes Développement, the Ardennes economic development agency -