ALU SOUDURE DIFFUSION: French Ardennes in the spotlight

ALU SOUDURE DIFFUSION: French Ardennes in the spotlight

Alu Soudure Diffusion (ASD) continues its development in Lalobbe, in the heart of the Ardennes, just a stone's throw from the Signy-l'Abbaye forest (classified Natura 2000). ASD affirms and strengthens its position as the national specialist in the manufacture of stage equipment, while continuously improving its skills and range.

Jointly managed by Ms. Estelle LOUIS and Mr. Thierry CHENOT, Alu Soudure Diffusion is the only French manufacturer specialising in the complete design, manufacturing and assembly of a whole range of products specific to the stage. Aimed at event professionals, the company offers a wide variety of metal structures, lifting feet, rigging towers and traditional stages, mostly in aluminium.

Aware of the importance of France's industrial wealth, ASD is keen to exclusively offer “made in France” products. A considered and assumed choice which allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors through irreproachable quality and flawless reactivity. A commercial policy coupled with a strong capacity for adaptation which allows it to offer the advantages of a tailor-made product while maintaining control of manufacture and delivery times.

Its twenty years of experience allows Alu Soudure Diffusion to draw on a recognised and sought-after know-how, demonstrated by its constant growth over the past few years. Little known outside the professional world, ASD products are nevertheless present at many prestigious events (the balloon suspended from the Eiffel Tower during Euro 2016, the metal structure of a Yves Saint Laurent parade or even more recently, the concert stage of Belgian singer Angèle).

Nestled in lush greenery, Alu Soudure Diffusion appears to be a true Ardennes gem, a perfect demonstration of the wealth and recognition of the Ardennes as an unexpected and essential industrial territory.

By Ardennes Développement, the Ardennes economic development agency -