BÉROUDIAUX Foundry: the heavy weight of cast iron

At the heart of the Meuse Valley, in Revin, in French Ardennes, the Béroudiaux Foundry is the leading French specialist in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights, which are fitted in public works machinery.

Established in 1908, the Béroudiaux Foundry has specialised in the manufacture of counterweights for industrial use since the 1970s, growing its production output from 500 kilos to 25 tonnes. Over the years, it has never stopped modernising its production tools and improving the working environment enjoyed by its employees: a new fusion station, measuring and three-dimensional machining robot, automation of the shake-out circuits, a system for the extraction of dust from the cupolas... the majority of the 72 professionals within the Revin-based company have been employed there for several years. Thanks to this wealth of experience and competence with regard to the foundry and metal-working processes, the Béroudiaux foundry handles all of the steps involved in the production of counterweights in-house (with the exception of the modelling, which is outsourced). Equipped with a shake-out feeder and a tilting shot blasting machine, it can offer optimal finishes, including deburring, filling, sanding and also painting.

The BOUHYER Group acquired the foundry in 1996 and has since become an important part of the history of Ancenis, Europe's leading producer of counterweights. The Group employs more than 300 employees, produces 65,000 tonnes per year and exports more than 90% of its production to Europe. The Revin site supplies highly respected names within the sector, such as Grove, Lieber and even Tadano.

Within French Ardennes, the foundry industry is a historic business sector, with renowned expertise. In recent year, the sector has developped substantially, in particular thanks to new technologies. French Ardennes companies have taken advantage of this opportunity to enhance the quality of their products and to offer better working conditions for their employees.



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