Exploseo establishes itself in Charleville-Mézières!

Exploseo establishes itself in Charleville-Mézières!

Exploseo has just relocated its business to Charleville-Mézières in the Ardennes. This growing company, founded in 2014 in Rouen by Romain Jehan, specialises in SEO. Exploseo is now another company within the dynamic range of local businesses working in the digital field.


Romain Jehan, can you explain what the SEO is?

SEO is all about making a website visible on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, qwant) with relevant keywords or phrases.

Let me ask a question that will help your readers to really understand this new advertising channel, how can you gain a client with SEO?

SEO is equivalent to inbound marketing, which is totally different to the historically implemented outbound marketing in companies (flyers, phoning, physical canvassing, etc.). On the contrary, inbound marketing works to bring the client to the company rather than going to get the client. When an internet user types a query into Google, he or she is expressing a need.

So if an internet user types “lawyer Charleville-Mezieres” into Google, he or she is expressing their need: the use of the services of a lawyer in Charleville-Mezieres. Let’s take a second, more general example: if a user types "thalassotherapy", he or she is expressing their need for thalassotherapy, which makes him or her a potential customer for a company offering this type of service.


What services does Exploseo offer? What kind of clients do you have?

We offer an all-in-one SEO solution to position the websites of our clients on the first page of Google (mostly Google but also Bing, Yahoo, and our French challenger qwant).

In practical terms, we optimise our clients’ websites to make them more efficient when it comes to search engines. We position our clients’ sites and their key phrases on the first page of Google, helping them to find new customers because of our work.

Our computerised expertise means that we have customers throughout France and the areas of our clients' businesses are very diverse, from e-commerce to local companies such as an estate agency, a camp site, tutoring services and also B2B businesses. The only limit to SEO is if there’s no demand for your business, which is increasingly rare with the widespread use of the internet in France.


Your business is booming, with recruitment for 3 roles expected by mid-2016. How do you see the future?

Our short-term goal is to accelerate our growth by recruiting genuine talent. Long-term, we have some great services planned for the future, but at the moment we’re not discussing about that.


What were the three main advantages which made you choose the Ardennes as your new location?

  1. SEO services are rare in the Ardennes, so we’re bringing our expertise to boost the digital transformation of businesses in the Ardennes.
  2. The Ardennes has real appeal when it comes to the creation and development of businesses - for example, it has a very attractive professional property market (the rents here are twice as cheap as in Rouen) and the BER (“Bassin d’Emploi à Redynamiser”) system to optimise investments.
  3. The genuine involvement and the professional support from Ardennes Development helped us to succeed and secure our presence by putting us in touch with interesting contacts and certainly saved us valuable time.


How can you tell if a website is well referenced?

Very simply, we offer a free SEO audit to discover the SEO performance of your website compared to 3 competitors: www.exploseo.fr/audit.html

We would also love to welcome you to our new office at 95 avenue Charles de Gaulle in Charleville-Mézières where we can carry out and help you with your free audit.


www.exploseo.fr - contact@exploseo.fr

By Ardennes Développement, the Ardennes economic development agency - ardennes-developpement.com