FTV: fixing technician

Since 1985, French Ardennes-based FTV, Fixation Technique de Vireux, has been providing cutting-edge industries with ingenious fixing solutions.

A family-run SME specialising in manufacturing standard and customised technical fixings through cold heading, FTV works with major clients in the arms, aeronautics, rail, construction, energy and nuclear industries. In 2016, it was acquired by Virginie Rodrigues, daughter of the founder, who has set the company on a path of constant growth. In eight years, the workforce has doubled and 90% of the machinery has been replaced. FTV now employs around 20 people and has around 100 production and handling machines, including several for cold heading.

FTV has become a key player in technical fixings, adapting mass-production processes for the small- and medium-scale. It offers a wide range of products from bespoke solutions to standardised, customisable options, plus secure fixings, backed up by patents for innovative, award-winning systems.

Always striving to improve, FTV is continuing to invest in modernising its production facilities with support from Ardennes Développement and Communauté de Communes Ardenne Rives de Meuse, and the financial backing of Région Grand Est, BPI France and its banking partners. It is exploring various ways to improve operational performance by working on its organisation and new digital tools to achieve objectives set jointly with staff, as well as introducing a four-day week.

Committed not only to her company but also to her local area, Virginie Rodrigues brings the energy and experience she has gained through her work with the Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants young leaders centre and throughout her career to support local initiatives. She is a Regional Councillor and co-lead of the Comité Local Ecole Entreprise Nord-Ardennes committee.

Supported by dynamic operational local players, French Ardennes is the ideal location to promote industrial development.


FTV : spécialiste de la fixation technique - FTV (ftv-sa.com)

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