Ardennes: a corporate real estate interactive portal for investors Ardennes: a corporate real estate interactive portal for investors

Capturing business projects involves offering properties that are both attractive and visible. There are interesting products in the Ardennes, but without actual visibility. This is the idea behind the product " Ardennes" that Ardennes Development agency has just brought online ("insight" to demonstrate vision and perception).

Like many development agencies whose mission is to generate interest in their territories, and which have attractive online tools offering quality financial and real estate products, Ardennes Development lacked this territory showcase to support its prospection mission.

While the local Ardennes Chamber of Commerce portal aims to be a comprehensive local database of industrial and commercial property, updated by the owners and agents themselves, the Ardennes Development tool offers a more limited targeted supply that is more attractive in terms of quality, to highlight the most interesting properties in the Ardennes with a view to attracting investors. The two tools are therefore complementary.

Developed by the ISICS company based in Charleville-Mezieres in the Ardennes, Ardennes thus completes the economic offer of the Ardennes with a tool that is modern, uniform and seamless. The agency, created in late 2014, is thus expanding its audience of potential investors. A work is in progress to reference its tools that will allow the Ardennes to be offered as a solution to external projects searching for site facilities, offered as part of a taxation plan (BER online simulator), or in a search for available premises and land. An English version will be launched soon.

Jean-Louis Amat, directeur général Ardennes Développement, +33 (0)3 24 27 19 95


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