Invest Eastern France: showcasing the economic attractiveness of the Grand Est region

Invest Eastern France: showcasing the economic attractiveness of the Grand Est region

Part of Grand E-Nov+, the regional agency for innovation and prospection, Invest Eastern France is striving to develop and promote the international influence of the Grand Est region. Working alongside all local authorities and agencies, the teams have a strong presence in French Ardennes.

Launched in 2020, Invest Eastern France (IEF) is dedicated to one primary mission: regional attractiveness. The agency aims to identify and support foreign companies with investment projects in Europe or France, helping them to establish themselves in the region and bring economic, industrial and technological value to the Grand Est. Fulfilling the role of Business France on a regional level, Invest Eastern France provides free and confidential information and, above all, turnkey solutions for project leaders, in partnership with local economic development agencies. Ardennes Développement participates in their monthly technical committee on attractiveness, which reviews the prospecting strategy and all the business establishment projects in the region.

In 2021, the multilingual team led by Olivier Eck, who all have extensive international business development experience, travelled to the region to meet their local partners, represented by several economic development agencies (including, of course, Ardennes Développement). Their goal was to improve their knowledge and understanding of the area in order to promote it as best as possible. For French Ardennes, some of the main assets include the BER (Employment Area to be Revitalised) scheme, as well as the industrial buildings and business parks. Several Ardennes sites are also covered by "Star'Est", which focuses on turnkey sites to accelerate the establishment of major industrial firms on a national level.

An industrial and innovative area with excellent access to Europe (bordering Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland), the Grand Est is the leading French region in terms of employment from foreign investment. Alongside Invest Eastern France, French Ardennes plays a key role in promoting this dynamic.

By Ardennes Développement, the Ardennes economic development agency -