JLCAB NS: renewal and traditional know-how

JLCAB NS: renewal and traditional know-how

In 2020, JLCAB, which has been a renowned specialist in forging and machining for over a century, was taken over by Antonia Diosdado and became JLCAB Nouvelle Société. To support its development, French Ardennes-based company is modernising its production equipment.

Based in the Meuse Valley, JLCAB NS produces forged, machined and processed parts weighing from 100 g to 25 kg for a wide range of applications in the rail, construction, energy and road equipment industries: track fixings and turnbuckles, pipe clamps, Ascquer-certified road parts, etc. It works for major customers such as the SNCF (responsible for over 20% of its sales) and has its own tooling department (for drilling, milling and turning) and design office.

Backed by Ardennes Développement and with the support of Région Grand Est and the ERDF, JLCAB NS will invest more than €330,600 in its production facilities by the end of 2023, plus €75,000 in a mobile induction heater from Ardennes manufacturer Française d'Induction. One the SME's main strengths is the experience and know-how of its nine staff. Through these investments, it aims to modernise and secure its processes to improve working conditions, while at the same time becoming more competitive, and to resume production of specific products such as catenary forge wires up to 12 m long. It also intends to approach new markets, such as civil engineering, with the capacity to make specific parts, such as the recent production of driving pegs for marquees.

After a difficult period, JLCAB has found a new dynamic with a sympathetic leader in tune with the demands of the industry. It has also invested in a new welding company by taking over Star in Tournes in January 2023. This industrial welding company complements its forging business, repairing hammers, forge inserts, tools, etc., and meeting the needs of its partners who are blacksmiths, foundry workers or machinists in the Semoy and Meuse Valleys.

French Ardennes industry stands out for its network of highly qualified subcontractors. However, the region's businesses face the challenge of perpetuating skills and integrating new technologies. Ardennes Développement is here to help them bring their projects to fruition.


JLCAB NOUVELLE SOCIETE : Forge située dans les Ardennes

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