Renewable energy on the rise in the Ardennes

Renewable energy on the rise in the Ardennes

France has many strengths when it comes to renewable energy: significant hydroelectric resources, one of the largest forests in Europe, very good wind resources, large areas of land, etc. As a result of this, it is one of the leading producers of renewable energy in Europe.

The Champagne-Ardenne region is the top French region in terms of wind power production in megawatts, ahead of Picardy and Brittany.

In the Ardennes, renewable energy has grown very quickly in recent years. The area is also at the forefront when it comes to its energy mix, combining nuclear-generated electricity, hydroelectric energy, wind energy and biogas. In the Ardennes, there are now more than a hundred wind turbines with an installed capacity (210 MW), equivalent to 16% of the regional power and to 2.6% of national power. This corresponds to an annual output which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 130,000 households in the Ardennes.

Hydroelectricity is an energy source which is being developed, in accordance with environmental constraints. In the Ardennes, there are 21 hydroelectric power plants in operation with an installed capacity (10MW), equivalent to 50% of the region’s hydroelectric power. As for biogas, the Ardennes is home to 7 agricultural biogas plants, with an installed electrical power of 2.8 MW, including 1.3 MW on farms. Seven projects are also under consideration and one construction project is underway.

Biomass is the most used renewable energy in the Ardennes, where there are 13 industrial wood-fired boilers, 35 collectives and 8 farms in operation, representing 189 MW of biomass energy. This annual production is equivalent to the heating consumption of more than 50,000 households.

Wind power, hydroelectricity, biogas and biomass strengthen the energy mix of the Ardennes area and contribute to its eco-development.


By Ardennes Développement, the Ardennes economic development agency -