The BER system: a during boost for companies

The BER system: a during boost for companies

Active in French Ardennes since 2006, the BER (Employment Area to be Revitalised) scheme provides exemptions for businesses, and has now been extended until 31 December 2023. As part of its mission to promote French Ardennes department and support companies, Ardennes Développement has upgraded its dedicated website. In 2022, it devoted even more resources to promoting this scheme, which is practically unique in France, targeting both established Ardennes companies and businesses with development potential.

The BER zone, which covers three quarters of French Ardennes, allows companies that start or resume their business in the area to benefit from five years of exemptions from tax and social security contributions. This fiscal package is a simple and effective way to optimise investments by reducing costs over several years. Interested companies can find an explanatory video on the scheme and its advantages on the home page of our website, and can access more information from the menu (description, eligible activities, limits, examples, etc.). We have also added a FAQ section to provide immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions. The calculation element of the "tax simulator" has been updated, and the graphics have been improved to make the service easier to understand and more functional.

Since the agency was launched in 2015, Ardennes Développement has released several online tools for businesses: the tax simulator for the BER scheme, a property showcase to highlight available real estate and land (for industry and services), and a blog to share local economic news. These three tools, which can all be accessed through the agency's main website, are regularly supplemented with new content, including videos (which are posted directly to our YouTube channel).

To serve private and public players in French Ardennes economy, Ardennes Développement shares and promotes their information in a dynamic and wide-ranging manner, communicating the region's assets to the world. Raising awareness of the BER scheme could therefore play an important role in attracting businesses to the area. In fact, French Ardennes offers an extremely supportive environment for companies.

By Ardennes Développement, the Ardennes economic development agency -