Grand Est region is gearing up for the Factory of the Future initiative in French Ardennes

French Ardenne is an area rich in industry, directly involved in developing tomorrow’s industry in the Grand Est region

French Ardenne is an area rich in industry, directly involved in developing tomorrow’s industry in the Grand Est region. But this new axis will not just be focusing on technological advances, such as 3D printing by Platinium 3D (which also has regional backing). It is also a case of helping small and medium sized enterprises to break into new markets and to adapt their structure and production process accordingly.

Industry of the Future strategy was launched nationally in 2015, driven by “Alliance Industrie du Futur” ( The Grand Est’s regional objective, as the second biggest industrial region in France (outside of Ile-de-France), is to support approximately 100 small and medium sized enterprises each year. In order to raise awareness of this initiative among business leaders, information sessions have been organised across the region. Since the beginning of March, Isabelle Heliot-Couronne, chairman of the innovation commission for the Grand Est region, and Jean-Luc Warsmann, french deputy and vice chairman of the regional council, chaired several meetings which aimed to introduce the scheme to businesses in the Ardennes.

As a first step, a select group of regionally funded experts and consultants is looking to carry out an analysis of industrial output which will revolve around four key areas: plant production output, use of new technology, environmental excellence and valuing employees. The idea is to get an outside perspective on the business. What’s more all of the business leaders involved in the initiative will have access to an online community in which they can exchange ideas and develop solutions together. Once the analysis has taken place, a business act will be put together and the Region can put forward its recommended actions and customised financial measures.

The economic climate is constantly changing. Integrating new technology and looking closely at production management and methods is essential to enable businesses to break into new markets and create employment opportunities. In the Ardennes area, a range of SME with huge growth potential, have already committed to this process, including Manquillet-Parizel in Hautes-Rivières, Fonderies Nicolas in Nouzonville and Arthur France Coussin in Neufmanil.


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