BB AÉRONAUTIQUE: the high-flying forge

BB AÉRONAUTIQUE: the high-flying forge

Drawing on its multi-process expertise, French Ardennes-based company BB Aéronautique forges and machines high-tech parts for equipment fitters and manufacturers within the aeronautic and defence sector.

BB Aéronautique was established in 2014 to take over the aeronautics business of Bourguignon Barré, owned since March 2018 by the French manufacturing group Forlam, represented by its chairman and CEO, Renaud Fontanilles. Its two-fold expertise in forging and machining means it can realise the production of complex parts in steel, aluminium, stainless steel and titanium, in small, medium or large series. Drawing on more than half a century of expertise, the company produces forged and machined parts, parts that have been machined only, as well as complete sub-assemblies incorporating various components. "Working in close relationship with our clients' design offices, we regularly work by transforming parts sourced from other technologies, to create forged and machined solutions that thus provide economic benefit to our clients," describes Maryline VUS, Sales Manager.

In order to guarantee the quality of its production, BB Aéronautique operates a production plant consisting of around forty machines. Its forge workshop is fitted with a new Schuler electric forging hammer, the only of its kind in the world to operate on an industrial scale. Used to develop its production of aluminium parts, it rounds off an assembly consisting of 6 other drop hammers and a press. The machining production plant consists of 5x 5-axle, single-spindle machines, 11x 4 and 5-axle  dual-spindle machining centres and 25 digitally-controlled lathes. In order to fulfil more urgent requests, BB Aéronautique has implemented a supply chain that has proven effective within the automotive sector, when faced with particularly demanding requirements.

First French production centre for forged, stamped and cast parts, French Ardennes-based companies have developed their expertise, with continuous investments with a view to modernising, and even diversifying their production. Boasting companies that are of global renown, a network of competent subcontractors and technological platforms, French Ardennes has developed an environment that is conducive to industrial competition.


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