Moulin de Signy-l’Abbaye: a dynamic and innovative player in the world of wheat, flour and bread

Created in 1894 and managed by Jean-Jérôme Javelaud since 1998, the Moulin de Signy-l'Abbaye has developed a wide range of flours and supports artisan bakers throughout their process.

Milling around 17,000 tonnes of wheat each year, including about 10% organic wheat, to create 120 different flours, the Moulin de Signy-l'Abbaye is one of the main suppliers of bakeries in Champagne-Ardenne. It employs around fifty people, and its activities are ever-growing. The mill has recently doubled its flour storage capacity by way of a dedicated building; a new extension for wheat storage is also underway. The Moulin de Signy-l'Abbaye is set apart by its know-how, its high-tech milling processes, and its quality requirements, especially with regard to the selection of wheat varieties. It boasts a quality control and research & development laboratory.

French Ardennes miller is associated with the area's largest cereal cooperative, Vivescia (10,500 farmers/cooperative members and about 3 million tonnes of cereal). For several years, they have paid particular attention to the 100% local "Apache" wheat variety, cultivated by more than 100 Ardennes farmers, which gives bread a yellow crumb and a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

A reliable partner for artisan bakers, the Moulin de Signy-l'Abbaye supports its customers on a technical level (manufacturing processes, bread-making equipment, product quality, etc.), a sales level (shop layout, staff training, margin control, merchandising, etc.), and also a management level (type of company, location, hiring, investments, etc.).

To this end, the Moulin de Signy-l'Abbaye has opened a training centre for bread, pastries and tarts that serves artisan bakers and their employees, as well as people who are interested in professional retraining. More than 50 recipes have been developed in its workshops.

Driven by its passion for bread, the Moulin de Signy-l'Abbaye always puts quality first, from agriculture to finished products.

In French Ardennes, agriculture and food processing represents nearly 10,000 jobs and more than 1.5 billion in turnover..

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