Ridremont & Brosserie Nouvelle: skilful brushstrokes to keep our heritage alive!

Located in Les Mazures, in the Bellevue business park, on the edge of French Ardennes Forest, Ridremont & Brosserie Nouvelle (RBN) is the last paint brush manufacturer not only in French Ardennes, but in the entire north-eastern quarter of France.

Founded 200 years ago, RBN was born from a merger between several local brush maker, who all played a key role in establishing the reputation of French Ardennes. The company specialises in high-end brushes for professional painters (building, decoration, art) and manufacturers. It offers a wide selection of products: pure silk Tradition brushes; Performance brushes combining silk and synthetic fibres; and the versatile Polytop range, with easily identifiable blue bristles. Developed in RBN's workshops, the high-performance Polytop synthetic fibre brushes are some of the company's flagship products and are highly prized by professionals. In total, French Ardennes company manufactures more than 220,000 brushes and 60,000 paint roller sleeves each year. Over the years, the artisan business has embraced modern industrial practices, but it has maintained its traditional manufacturing techniques (43% of the products are still made by hand). It has also been classified as an "Entreprise du Patrimoine" (Living Heritage Company) since 2019. This national label is awarded to French companies with excellent craftsmanship and industrial expertise. Only four Ardennes companies have earned this label (the other three are Demoizet, Le Moulin à Couleurs, and Rinck the cabinetmaker).

In parallel with its production activities, Ridremont & Brosserie Nouvelle also trades as a tool supplier (with more than 2,500 items in stock and ready to ship). For example, it provides equipment for students of the AFPA (Vocational Adult Education Agency). Its online catalogue has opened up access to new markets, including exports. Under the impetus of Alexandre Zulick, who took over from his father, the 20-person Ardennes SME is undertaking a process of digitalisation and turning its attention to the international arena.

Having grown from an artisan undertaking to a real manufacturing business, Ridremont & Brosserie Nouvelle is now striving to strike the right balance between modernity, innovation and tradition. At the gateway to Europe, with a rich artisanal and industrial past, French Ardennes is drawing on local expertise and constant innovation to build a strong reputation for tomorrow.


www.r-b-n.com | www.patrimoine-vivant.com

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